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 BAUTISTA, daphne c, VIOLET | 18 | STELLA
daphne bautista
 Posted: Aug 7 2016, 04:02 PM
daphne bautista
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FULL NAME: Daphne Cloe Bautista
AGE: 18
TEAM: Dino Charge
COLOR: Violet
FACECLAIM: Magdalena Zalejska

  • Dino Charge Morpher
  • Dino Saber
  • Dino Blade Blaster
  • Purple Energem
  • Dino Charger
  • Dino Com
  • Dino Cycle
  • Pleiso Zord
  • Abilities
    Street Fighting: She may fight dirty, but at least it gets the job done. Daph was always made fun of when she was a kid. Whether it was because she didn't have the greatest threads, grew up poor, or the shortest in the class, the bullies were merciless. Her brother taught her a thing or two of how to stop bullies through brute force, and she's quite good at it.

    Waitressing: She's been waitressing for year now and she's dropping less and less stuff. Before she was terrible at it and the pay was even worse. Now, it's something that help pays for her rent at her apartment. And the tips aren't that bad either.

    Sketching: She wanted to work as a tattoo artist at one time, and still holds fast onto that dream. Daph is great with designs and sketches them on her notepad she carries with at all times. She's saving up for classes and to earn a certificate in tattooing and possibly piercing.

    Lockpicking: Sometimes things just need to be broken into. Her older sister taught her the trade and she's been absolutely great at it ever since. It's why she keeps hairpins on her at all times.

    Daph is one of the most carefree/careless individuals anyone will ever meet. Her attitude is pretty relaxed and chilled for the most part. She has her moments when she gets heated and explodes into a fit of rage and tantrums, but those are rare because she knows she has a bad temper. She's also a bit reckless in that she'll find trouble, unintentionally, and walk those fine lines of safety and danger just for the thrill. She isn't at the point of carelessness to drag people with her, but if they do hang out with her they should understand the risks associated with her.

    That's also to say that she's quite friendly as well. Daph will talk to anyone about anything at anytime. Some see her colorful and rambunctious personality with disdain or fear, but Daph doesn't mean any harm for the most part. She hates the idea of being alone so chatting with a total stranger is her means of having something to do and not go to far into the dark thoughts she has.

    Even though Daph may come out as confident, it's to cover up the insecure girl that she is. She didn't have too many things growing up, which comes with growing up poor. Being made fun of for what she lacks really damaged her, but most would never tell because she's so outgoing and seemingly sure about herself. Not even her close friends know this much about her.

    Growing up, Daphne was taught that family was everything and that blood was thicker than water. Daphne had a large family growing up. There was her immediate family that consisted of a mom, dad, one sister and two brothers. Then there was her extended family, which was pretty much everyone associated with the biker gang she was born into.

    Even though Amber Beach is a beautiful town, corruption exists everywhere and the innocent are not exclusive to it. The gang in which she was raised in helped balance out the good with that bad. While they exhorted, sold/bought, and threatened the town, Daphne was there learning about the tricks thereof. It was a family business so to speak, and everyone was to do their own part.

    Even though she was a part of the corruption of the town, that didn't mean they were one of the top elite or the one percent. Daphne and her family grew up barely making end's meet. Her father was a mechanic and her mother was a waitress and raising four children on that income was hard.

    So Daphne never had all the toys she requested and the 'cool' outfits the kids were all wearing, and she was bullied because of it. Being quite small for her age made her little to no threat towards her oppressors, so big brothers and sisters had to step in for her. The oldest brother in particular taught her how defend herself with her fists. She became good at it and not long after she became the threat. She never bullied her way to the top, however, because she was all too familiar with how it felt to be picked on.

    Soon she graduated high school and decided to make tattooing her career of choice. In order to pay for art classes, she picked up a job at the Dino Bite Cafe. It was there did she discover the purple energem, and that her life as she knew it would be changed forever. With new powers comes new responsibilities, secrets, and trouble and quite honestly, she's not sure she's up for the task. She will have to rely on her team with help, which is something she's not used to as well.

     Posted: Aug 9 2016, 04:20 PM
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