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 GRACELYN, guinevere, PINK | 18 | MELLA
guinevere gracelyn
 Posted: Jul 28 2016, 07:31 PM
guinevere gracelyn
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FULL NAME: Guinevere Natalia Gracelyn
AGE: 18
BIRTHDATE: September 15
TEAM: Mystic Force
FACECLAIM: Hayley Williams

  • Mystic Morpher
  • Magi Staff
  • Mystic Racer
  • '97 Honda Nighthawk Motorcycle
  • Abilities
    As Pink Mystic Ranger, Guinevere (aka Gwen) has been given control over the wind. As a normal, not quite adulting adult, Gwen's biggest achievements are learning to drive and ride her motorcycle, and doing her best to keep said motorcycle working (which she's not very good at).

    Gwen stands out in a crowd, in both appearance and demeanor. She's an insert-some-reference-here comment, rage-at-a-video-game, wear-the-badass-shoes-and-own-it-too sort of person. And yet, with all of that, Gwen is a caring person. She can rage at a game and then turn around and defend Briarwood before her parents start questioning how long she's going to be playing her video games.

    Before Gwen was ever thought of, Robert had met Thalia when they were both in college. More like Robert tripped over Thalia's guitar case while she was performing in a street band with her roommates in a semester abroad. They 'fell' in love. The two stayed in touch, beating the odds and making a long distance relationship work.

    The day she graduated from college in Wisconsin, Thalia was met by Robert, and a ring. They got married, and Thalia soon became a permanent resident of Wales, where Thalia could write her music and sub for history classes when needed. They had one child, Guinevere, a name Robert couldn't talk Thalia out of, so he called her Gwen for short.

    Through Gwen's early childhood, she didn't get to see much of her father. While her mom was an amateurish musician, her dad was a business man, and his work often took him to America and other countries. But whenever he was home, they were all together. singing (even though her father wasn't very good at it), going to movies, picnics, amusement parks, you name it.

    By age ten, the moving started. Gwen did not want to leave Britain, but with how often her dad went to America, and her mother actually having family there, it made sense. They moved around a lot within the states, and until junior high, Gwen came off shy since she's always in a new place, with new people always questioning the accent, the 'why they moved' and friends notwithstanding long enough to matter. It didn't last long though, and Gwen came into her own, passing all of her classes, helping her mom with her music, and becoming rather obsessed with video games.

    During her last year of high school, the Gracelyns made their final move: Briarwood, Thalia's hometown. Since it was a summer move, and Gwen's senior year, it would only be one more school, one last set of faces. After they were settled that summer Gwen went out to the forest, and stumbled across the largest tree she had ever seen, even larger than the ones in California. Right after that, monstrous creatures appeared in the forest, and before they could jump her, Gwen was inside of a tree...which turned out to be the tree she had seen. A woman named Udonna explained what the creatures were, and explained how she had been chosen to protect Briarwood and the Earth from the creatures and their masters.

    "So, this is going to be like a video game, huh? With real life consequences and gizmos? Sounds bloody crazy...but I'm in."

     Posted: Jul 28 2016, 11:51 PM
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