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 BARNES, Mickayla, PINK | 17 | DANNI
mickayla barnes
 Posted: Jul 27 2016, 01:43 AM
mickayla barnes
She, Her, Hers
Pink Ranger
Mighty Morphin
She, Her, Hers - Pacific - Offline

FULL NAME: Mickayla Deirdre Barnes
AGE: 17
BIRTHDATE: November 16
TEAM: Mighty Morphin’
OCCUPATION: High School Student

  • Power Morpher w/ Pterodactyl Power Coin
  • Wrist Communicator
  • Blade Blaster
  • Power Bow
  • Pink Shark Cycle
  • Abilities
    Mickayla’s most known for her grace and physical strength due to many years of dance and cheer. She has experience in jazz, modern, and ballet dance as well as the gymnastics necessary for cheerleading.

    Mickayla may look like a skinny, stereotype blonde cheerleader, but beyond the herkies and pom poms, she is nothing but hellfire and attitude. She nice and tries to be friendly but will not hesitate to verbally destroy anyone if they give her a reason to. This is one girl who is not afraid to speak her mind and will not flinch away from conflict. Mickayla is strong-willed and headstrong, not to mention temperamental. Her competitiveness is something fierce and she absolutely hates to lose. She may look the part of a proper young lady and can definitely put on the act when the time is right, but honestly, Mickayla is anything but.

    It’s not that Mickayla actively tries to create conflict but she has so very little patience. This is one girl who has no problem telling it like it is. She speaks what’s on her mind, making her a very open book. There really is not much guessing when it comes to her feelings. Her humor can be sarcastic and she is known to be quite snarky. But a cynic Mickayla is not. It is not possible for her to turn down a challenge and even in the toughest situations, she will give her best game face. She can definitely stand up for herself.

    As independent as she to be, Mickayla has absolutely no problem working with others. In fact, Mickayla has a tendency to thrive when around others. Her loyalty is something great, as well. She would do anything for her friends and teammates. More importantly, Mickayla stands up for what she believes in. It doesn’t matter who it is, she will stand by what she thinks is morally right.

    From the coasts of Palm Beach, Florida to the coast of Malibu, California, Mickayla Barnes has never had a boring life. Her family moved across the country when she was five years old. She lived with her parents, grandmother, an older brother and a younger sister. Victor Barnes was a self-made millionaire, his success stemming from a few very lucky breaks in the real estate business. His natural charisma and smarts were put to good use as he made his fortune in the industry. It was no surprise that he had plenty of female attention with the excessive cash, golden-blonde hair and a good smile. However, once he met Linda Pierce, his bachelor days became numbered. It did start as risque, little flings but a year later, they were married. Sure, it was a risk. Many were convinced that the young fashion designer was just looking for easy money. In the end, that proved wrong.

    Mickayla has a brother, seven years older than herself. Jonathon graduated high school with honors and left for college. Five years later he joined the Air Force as an officer. After Mickayla, there’s Serena. Yet again, there is a larger age difference than the norm at six years.

    Since middle school, Mickayla has been in cheerleading. The sport came naturally after years of dance classes prior. Having always excelled in physical ability over academics, contrary to her brother, the girl has always stuck with what she was good at. Of course, she put maximum effort into everything she participated. Whether it was practice or her makeup or lessons, Kayla was on top of everything. Still, the books were never her strong suit. Thanks to average-at-best grades, Mickayla would never qualify for the Ivy League law schools she once dreamed of. But, of course, she won’t take that lying down. Well, if she has a choice.

    Over the summer, Mickayla had been abducted by an actual alien on her way back home from a run. Of course, her first instinct was to assume that the giant floating head was an elaborate illusion. But after the extremely convincing prep talk and gear given to her, Mickayla was a true believer. Her? A superhero? She was most definitely in. No one knew how the Power Ranger were or what they were, but they were going to find out soon.

    Between dance, cheer, and school, Mickayla was already stretched. Adding Power Ranger duties to the list has taken her toll. But in the end, it had to be worth it, right? Save the world or save that B-average.


     Posted: Jul 29 2016, 12:26 PM
    She, Her, Hers
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