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 AGUILAR, ZACHARY BRENTIN, Civilian | J. Rodrigues | 16
zachary bardon
 Posted: Jun 20 2017, 03:01 AM
zachary bardon
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FULL NAME: Zachary Brentin Aguilar
AGE: 16
BIRTHDATE: October 10
TEAM: Mighty Morphin
COLOR: Civilian
FACECLAIM: Jordan Rodrigues
  • Red Nishiki Backroads Series 500 Mountain Bike
  • 2012 Yamaha WR450F
  • Abilities
    Unknown to anyone, Zachary has been training at the Pai Zhuq Academy since he was a small child. He is extremely skilled in the art and has aspirations to become a master one day but still has a long way to go yet. Thanks to years of physical discipline, Zachary is very strong and possesses a lean muscular build despite a deceivingly lithe appearance. He’s extremely agile and acrobatic due to the specialized style he’s taken on within the past year.After all, he focuses specifically on grace and style.

    Outside of of his training, Zach has taken a liking to the fast-paced and daring hobby of motocross. Though he isn’t anything close to professional, Zachary is very good at casual rides and has been experimenting with stunts for nearly three years now.

    Zachary is a young person who is still trying to figure out who he is. For now, he is defined by his lifestyle and that’s something he is actively trying (being forced) to change. The boy is very sure of himself. Because of his experience and young age, he carries an unmissable sense of arrogance. He sees himself as much better than most. In his own environment, around peers his own age, he can be tolerable but he has a sense of superiority. Zach has a bad habit of making everything into a competition.

    For the most part, Zachary is an introvert. He keeps to himself and would rather find ways to busy himself than seek outside companionship… That is, until he is put to a task. This kid loves to show off. He’s a showboater. He’s a hardworker, for sure. Despite knowing very little about social norms, Zach is fairly certain he knows best. Mostly because he knows himself and well, he is the best. He’s talented and he is very well aware of it. This kid is vocal, too. He isn’t one to hold back his feelings and has a tendency to come off as stand-offish. He isn’t interested in most things that involve people. With motocross, he gets lost in his own world. Martial Arts is self-betterment. His social skills lack and, honestly, his attitude could be better.

    Some years ago, Zachary Aguilar was born to a young couple in Tustin, California. He was a mere 18 months old before CPS removed the baby from his house due to poor living conditions. A neighbor had reported his parents for child abuse, claiming domestic violence between the parents and neglect. The baby was underweight, filthy and horribly feverish when the authorities arrived.

    With the child in protective care, the search for the nearest relatives began. While the parents made no attempt to get their baby back, the mother’s sister had been found. She hadn’t been in contact for many years, as the baby’s mother had dropped out of the family in before graduating high school. Now, Zachary’s aunt, Sara Sin, had lived a very low-key life. As far as the records showed, she had an apartment in Ocean Bluff and a part-time job with a local cafe. She was the perfect candidate to take the baby in while investigations continued.

    Two years later, Zachary was adopted. The baby was cared for extremely well. Sara was single and led a simple life. While she planned to take in her nephew, she wasn’t about to turn him down. What records didn’t show, however, was the Sara was a lot more than waitressing and quiet nights. In reality, Sara lived at the Pai Zhuq academy where she was on her way to becoming a master. She had been recruited after high school and had minimal contact with her family since. Soon, Zachary would be entering the life.

    The boy grew up in the academy, learning basic techniques as soon as he was considered old enough. Unlike most, he didn’t have a life outside the academy. While other students grew up with traditional upbringings and normal interactions, Zachary was homeschooled. Or, rather, received private education at the academy. While it was rare for children to be raised at the academy, it was not unheard of. He was definitely one of the youngest, though.

    Most of Zachary’s non-school time was spent focusing on his martial arts training but he wasn’t completely socially inept. He found enjoyment in playing with kids his own age but he was most when learning. As Zach grew up, he became one of the top students, due to the years of intense dedication. Pai Zhuq was the main focus in life, and even though he found a good, solid hobby in dirt biking, it was clear that he just wasn’t meshing well with people on a casual level. There were acquaintances, yes. And he didn’t start the hobby on his own, but his efforts at feigning a social life were clearly ineffective.

    It’s gotten to the point where Zachary had to be sent to Angel Grove to be removed from his comfort zone. After the summer ended, he would be enrolled into one of the smaller high schools in the city. While in Angel Grove, arrangements were made to have Zach stay with one of the older, more experienced instructors to continue training while he attempted to gain diversity in his settings.  

     Posted: Jun 22 2017, 09:36 PM
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