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 KNIGHT, Cassandra, RED | 25 | BREKKA
cassandra knight
 Posted: Jul 25 2016, 01:39 PM
cassandra knight
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FULL NAME: Cassandra Renee Knight
NICKNAME(S): Cas; Cassie
AGE: 25
TEAM: Time Force
COLOR: Red Ranger
OCCUPATION: Time Force Officer
FACECLAIM: Rose Leslie

Powers and Skills


  • Chrono Morpher
  • Chrono Blaster
  • Chrono Sabers
  • V1
  • Electro Booster
  • Vector Cycle
  • Strata Cycle
  • Battle Warrior Armor
  • Time Flyer 1
  • Abilities
    As a Time Force Officer, Cassie was trained thoroughly in hand to hand combat and marksmanship. She was one of the top in her class at the Time Force Academy and excels in these areas. She's also skilled in interrogation tactics and negotiation. She has learned some basic hacking skills, though combat is definitely her forte as an officer and Ranger.


    Cassandra Knight is every-bit what you would expect from a Time Force Officer. She is completely dedicated to her job and 100% serious about it all of the time. She is a hard-worked and always determined to complete a task in the most efficient manner possible. She is a firm believer in following the rules and, only in the most dire of circumstances, can she be persuaded to bend or break them. Cassie basically eats, breathes, and sleeps Time Force twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. She is, to put it lightly, a workaholic and an over-achiever. Perhaps to the point where she hardly knows what to do with herself outside of work.

    As expected, Cassie is a very serious person. She doesn’t tolerate nonsense and it is very rare to see her joking around. In fact, people who aren’t serious and focused irritate her more than anything and, considering she’s an intimidating woman as is, it seems to be very easy to get on Cassie’s bad side. Despite being a well-disciplined officer, Cassandra has a bit of a temper and, though she has gotten better at controlling it over the years, it doesn’t take much to bring out her unpleasant side. She may not outright appear mad, but her demeanor seems to become more serious and ‘icy’ when she is annoyed. Not to mention, she tends to be a bit on the sarcastic side and this really comes out when she gets annoyed.

    Most of the time, Cassie manages to remain cool and collected. She is an expert at lying and keeping her emotions hidden. She likes to be in control of every situation – this is where she feels most comfortable. She is someone who takes the time to think before acting and doesn’t make irrational decisions. As focused on Time Force as she is, she tends to be more on the antisocial side and has a hard time opening up to people and letting them in. Still, her dedication to the job and rational train of thought make her a great leader for her team.

    Despite all of this, Cassie’s heart is in the right place. She truly does want to help people and make the world a better place. She is loyal to those who earn her trust and will drop everything to help someone out (providing her job permits it, that is). She is a good person and just wants to bring justice to the world. Perhaps she gets a little too into the whole ‘cop’ thing, but she is truly dedicated to her job and being the best leader she can be.


    From the time she was born, Cassandra Knight was always an overachiever. She even decided to come into the world a month earlier than expected. Being the first child of her parents, it was a bit of a scare for them at first, having a premature baby, but always the fighter, Cassie ended up being just fine. From the time she was born her parents believed she was destined for greatness – and maybe this was just because her father was a politician and her mother a lawyer (so naturally they would want their children to be as equally successful), but great was what Cassie was determined to become. She couldn’t settle with anything less.

    Growing up, Cassandra lived a pretty extravagant life. Her parents were both successful in their careers and, as a result, their family was fairly wealthy. She ended up having two younger brothers and a younger sister and, being the oldest, she was always expected to set a good example for her younger siblings. Even as a kid, Cassie took the title of ‘role model’ very seriously. She always worked hard in school and everything she did. She played a few sports, but didn’t spend as much time doing ‘fun’ things like a kid should. She was competitive and wanted to be the best. Her parents expected it of her and she wanted her younger brothers and sister to look up to her – there was no room for slacking off.

    It was during her teen years that this whole ‘perfection’ thing started to go a bit astray. Her parents tried to control her life and always demanded perfection of her. Though Cassie had gotten to the point where she always strove for this, it really started to annoy her that they thought they could control her life in such a way. She went through a bit of a rebellious stage – nothing too radical, but enough where she started to ignore the wishes of her parents and, instead, focus on what she wanted out of life. It definitely caused some contention in the family and, for the first time in her life, Cassie realized that it was okay to stand up to her parents. She didn’t have to do every single thing that they wanted her to and be perfect at it. She could do her own thing and still succeed. It was this that led her to joining Time Force.

    The last thing Cassie’s parents wanted was for their daughter to become a ‘cop’. They thought she had the potential to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a great politician – but that wasn’t what Cassie wanted with her life. She wanted to do something exciting and brave. With Time Force, she could do good things and have excitement. Her parents didn’t think it was a very ‘lady-like’ thing to do, but Cassie ended up deciding she could care less about what they though. She wanted to make her own decisions and make the world a better place. What better way to do that than by becoming a Time Force Officer??

    Right out of high school, Cassandra started working towards her goal of joining with Time Force. She spent a few years at a university, earning a degree in Criminal Justice. When she turned 21 years old and was old enough to join Time Force, she did so and entered the academy to train to become an officer. She worked vigorously and quickly emerged as one of the top in her class, gaining the attention of her superiors.

    After a few years of working with Time Force, Cassandra received the greatest honor there was – a morpher. Her hard work and excellence as an officer in upholding the law allowed her to be promoted as the leader of the Time Force Ranger team. Together, with her team, they fought against the villainous Ransik - one of the most feared criminals in the year 3000. One night, the team was led into an ambush as they attempted to foil an attempt by Ransik to travel back in time. The mission went horribly wrong and several members of the team were lost and Ransik was able to escape into the past. Cassie holds herself personally responsible for what happened to her teammates, being the team leader and all is haunted by the events of that night. Time Force lost some great officers and Cassie lost some of her closest friends.

    With Ransik wreaking havoc back in the past, Time Force had no choice but to quickly promote several others to replace the fallen Rangers and send Cassie and her team back into the past. Now, in what Cassie would consider to be a time period only slightly more advanced than the Dark Ages, she is determined to find Ransik and avenge her fallen teammates.

     Posted: Jul 25 2016, 06:56 PM
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