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 Posted: Jul 24 2016, 11:33 PM
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FULL NAME: Alpha 5
SPECIES: Android
TEAM: MMPR, Zeo, Turbo
COLOR: Mentor
OCCUPATION: Ranger Tech Support
FACECLAIM: Emily Bett Rickards

Powers and Skills
  • Hacking
  • Alpha may not agree with it very often, but she's a master hacker. It wouldn't do any good if the government tried to hide anything about the various ranger attacks that were occurring around the country. It's also useful if any Rangers need an excuse as to why they weren't in class, but she's not changing any grades for you!
  • Technology Knowledge
  • The command center and the tech it houses are like Alpha's children. It drives her crazy if anyone messes with them. She has knowledge on just about all of it and knows how to fix the ranger suits in a pinch if needed.
  • Electrocution
  • Alpha may not look like a robot now, thanks to technology, but trying to hurt her in any way will show you otherwise. Alpha is not good at fighting at all, but she is capable of zapping anyone that messes with her and stun them. It doesn't do much damage, but it gives her enough time for her to sound an alarm.

    Alpha is not like Earth robots or animatronics. For one, she's alien. For another, she's an android with the capacity for human emotion, which she understands and feels. She's a bit naive and childish, a bit scatterbrained, yet at the same time Alpha is vastly intelligent. She is multitasking on a few different projects at any given time. Messing with her plans will earn you an 'ay yi yi,' no matter if she's panicking, or just plain busy.

    Since Alpha has the emotions of a human and feels them, she is also very caring of the rangers. They are her very good friends, practically family. But Alpha's 'family' isn't always at the command center, and while Alpha doesn't show it, it makes her seriously lonely. She can't exactly leave the command center, even with her disguise, since she was always on constant watch, and if she left, there wouldn't exactly be anything for her to do.

    Alpha was constructed on the planet Edenoi, by the Edenite king, Lexian. However, Alpha was not the first 'Alpha' to be made. No one ever spoke of the first three. The fourth went to a man from Eltar. And the fifth was her, Alpha. At this point, Alpha was a short, red and gold robot. There was no need to look like any other alien race, Alpha just got to be herself. Alpha spent countless years on Edenoi, learning how to communicate and how technology worked and literally everything else under the sun. During all of that time, Alpha never lost her sense of wonder, and regarded her time on Edenoi as some of the best in her life.

    Eventually, a man from Eltar started visiting Edenoi more often, befriending Alpha. During this time, Alpha gained the memories of the Alpha before her. This was the man that had had Alpha 4. His name was Zordon. Alpha became Zordon's assistant, and left Edenoi with him to travel to Earth. On Earth, it was odd for a robot to be going out and about, so Alpha was contained to the command center, the center that the Alpha before her had started building with Zordon. But this Alpha would finish it...and this Alpha learned of the danger that was aimed straight at her new home. Zordon revealed to her the power coins, coins Alpha knew could bring forth a team of warriors to defend the Earth, and went forward searching the earth for the five...teenagers people with attitude to take up the mantle. And she'd be there to help them every step of the way.

     Posted: Jul 28 2016, 12:22 AM
    She, Her, Hers
    Master of Awesome
    All of the teams
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