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 WILLIAMS, COLIN, White | C. Haynes | 17
colin williams
 Posted: Jun 5 2017, 09:49 PM
colin williams
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FULL NAME: Colin John Williams
AGE: 17
BIRTHDATE: August 4th
COLOR: White; currently a Civilian
FACECLAIM: Colton Haynes

  • White Tiger Power Coin
  • Wrist Communicator
  • Saba
  • Tigerzord
  • Abilities
    Aside from a stint in Taekwondo, Colin is fairly active. He's got experience with soccer and basketball, though he doesn't actually play for any teams. Why? Because Colin believes his fondness for both sports would be soiled if he did decide to participate in school teams. The competition is fun and all to him, but the pressure of always having to do good is not an enjoyable thought. Right now, he's an ordinary teenager, and that's all he cares about being.

    At school, Colin is one of those kids who doesn't care and still manages to have more than a handful of friends. He skips a couple classes a day and doesn't hand in his homework on time, and is almost, always a distraction to the kids in the classroom. Outside of the classroom, though, Colin is quite friendly. Other kids greet him and talk to him, but they're not to be confused with actual friends. If anyone crosses him or his small group of friends, he's likely to lash out at the pursuer.

    When he isn't at school, Colin can be found anywhere. He isn't annoyingly outgoing or unbearable, but he's always the type to be out and about, at the movies or tossing a soccer ball back and forth with a couple of friends. He's active at home, where his mother is pregnant with baby number two. So far, he's been very helpful. Colin's always wanted to be a big brother and that's exactly what he's going to get.

    Colin's been ambling around Angel Grove since birth. He's had both parents around; both of whom were the type who didn't want to miss a single second of their child's life. That meant Colin had all of both his father and mother's attention, even if he didn't want it a good majority of the time. But when he needed them the most, they were there. His father said that and Colin believed him.

    One day, Colin's father just left and never came back. His mother would try to comfort him, try to convince Colin his father would be back in a week. Those weeks turned into months, and eventually, years. From the age of eight, the question at the dinner table was always the same: "When is daddy coming home?"

    When he turned thirteen, Colin knew better. His father wasn't coming home and it was counterproductive to keep asking her about him. Colin's mother never spoke of him again - though why would she, two years later? She was getting married again.

    So far, life with the step dad hasn't been too horrible. This new man seems genuinely kind - a true replacement, which is what Colin will sometimes refer to him as under his breath. Other than that, he treats his mother well enough and that's all he could ask for. Recently, his mother has announced she's with child and Colin's just realized that he's actually got a caring bone in his body.

    He'll do anything to protect his mother and this baby. Anything.

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     Posted: Jun 8 2017, 02:55 PM
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