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alice carvalho
 Posted: May 26 2017, 07:33 PM
alice carvalho
She, Her, Hers
Blue Ranger
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Mighty Morphin'
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FULL NAME: Alice Madalena Olivia Carvalho
NICKNAME(S): Ali, Livvy, MaxAMO, Max (online)
AGE: 17
BIRTHDATE: January 20
TEAM: Mighty Morphin'
OCCUPATION: Highschool Student/Gamer phenom
FACECLAIM: Camila Mendes

  • Blue Power Coin
  • Power Lance
  • Blade Blaster
  • Triceratops Zord
  • Abilities
    Hand eye coordination is a skill that has served Alice well. She is also fairly athletic, loving to run and climb and just in general blow off steam by going fast and being active. Of course this is countered by her love of video games where she is more or less sedentary. She has passable soccer talent that is really just a result of her natural athleticism and coordination but has never showed much interest in it beyond a few pick up games here or there.

    Alice is also quite mechanically inclined, having shown an interest in her step-father's career and more. Science and engineering are a passion and she has a fascination with space. Of course she keeps her nerdiness on lock down most of the time, only really opening up around family as there are certain expectations of the daughter of Olivia [insert name] and none of them include being a part of the robotics club, building computers or winning the science fair. Instead she is just supposed to cheer and date the hottest guy in school and win crowns at school dances.

    To look at Alice is to make assumptions. She is undeniably beautiful and until very recently was a paragon of Angel Grove high. She dated the captain of he soccer team, was a cheerleader and before the upset this past summer, most likely to win homecoming queen. The perfect, pretty, princess. Friends with all the right people, dating the right boy, and none of them know the first thing about her. Not really, at least.

    While she didn't play down her intelligence at school, she kept her enthusiasm for learning under wraps. You could do well in school and still be popular, but actually wanting to join an after school club that was academic was a bit much. But now that all of her hard work has fallen apart and there's no reason to keep pretending, some of Alice's more "quirky" habits are starting to show.

    A closet lover of videogames, over the years Alice has made something of a name for herself in first person shooters, going by the handle MaxAMO. She's very careful about not revealing who she is or even her gender. She has a collection of gaming systems and games, favoring fps and similar games. She lives for cheeseburgers and loathes salads. When she's not forced to be cheerful and peppy, she's about as salty as brine and lives for sarcasm and puns, though she'd never tell her cousin the later because why encourage the kid?

    Oh, she still looks and dresses like the popular girl that she's been for most of her high school career, but since falling from grace she's letting her less desirable traits, according to her mother, shine through. Ostracized from her former friend group, she's struggling to figure out where she belongs and even who she is. She's more than a little bitter about how her so-called friends turned on her and is quite defensive.

    Alice's mother Olivia had always had aspirations of being a famous model and moved away from Angel Grove just after graduation with money and a few offers. Her dream career was on track as she steadily gained more and more notable gigs and shoots until everything was derailed by a ridiculously handsome Brazilian soccer player. His name was Alexio Carvalho and he'd been scouted by the San Jose Quakes. Their romance was a bit of a whirlwind, meeting at a club. One thing led to another and Alice's mom found herself young and pregnant. The two were married but it wasn't meant to last. Shortly after Alice's birth, Alexio suffered what would more or less be a career ending injury during a game. The marriage fell apart and when Alexio went back to Brazil to lick his wounds without his wife and child, Olivia took Alice back to Angel Grove.

    With the support of her family, Olivia reestablished herself in her hometown and though her dreams of becoming a famous model had died with her marriage, she now had a beautiful daughter to raise. Thankfully her older siblings also had children and were more than willing to keep an eye on Alice when Olivia had to work odd hours at the 24 hour diner to make ends meet. However, when Alice was about three, after a string of car troubles, Olivia met Ben Richards, the honest, hard-working owner of a brand new garage in town. Unlike her first romance, the love between Olivia and Ben was a slower burning sort and resulted in marriage when Alice was about five. A single father himself, Alice gained a step-sibling who was around the same age as her. At the age of ten they gained a younger sibling as well.

    Over the years, with coaxing and prompting from her mother, Alice became every bit as popular as Olivia had been when she'd attended Angel Grove High. Alice was popular and well liked, earning herself a position on the cheer squad her freshman year and becoming captain her junior year. However, not everything was perfect and not everyone was as true a friend as she might have hoped. Over the summer after her junior year, things fell apart rather spectacularly through a combination of sabotage and social media hype. When she refused to go all the way with one of the most popular boys in school, who also happened to be her boyfriend, he moved on to the girl she thought had been her best friend. The betrayal was devastating but what the pair did next was even worse.

    Her ex-boyfriend and ex-best friend teamed up against her and got everyone to believe that it had been Alice who had cheated on her boyfriend. Bringing into question her morals and more or less making her a laughing stock. No one in her group of friends believed her when she tried to defend herself and the rumors only got worse and more ridiculous as the summer passed, leaving Alice feeling isolated, depressed and angry. Of course it also gave her time to dominate the top score boards of some of her favorite games and explore various spots for running and climbing. Not really sure what will happen when school starts back up, Alice has mostly stuck to herself or the company of her cousins.

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     Posted: May 28 2017, 05:38 PM
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