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Posted by: Danni Jul 20 2016, 11:24 PM

the site premise

last updated: july 20

While Earth has made many leaps in technology, demonstrated by traveling through space and finding new habitable planets, nothing could have prepared it for what was coming next. As humans, we believe that we are the most intelligent beings in the universe. That we, as mankind, rule supreme over the galactic food chain. However, what started as small, mysterious attacks has turned into a full-scale invasion.

"Monsters" and "odd creatures" were reported but quickly got hidden by the government and media teams. Yet, people were being attacked more and more with each week. The public was being terrorized and there was nothing local law enforcement could do to stop it. The military was powerless against the extraterrestrial forces and there was no hiding the alien invaders anymore.

However, just when it seemed Earth was in a losing battle, a new force began to emerge. While these brightly-colored vigilantes were different than anything the population had seen, they were doing the job. With amazing weapons and abilities, the "Power Rangers" were effectively fighting back for Earth.

The villains are growing in numbers and while the existing troops are able to make a difference, it is not enough yet. Luckily, the Rangers are steadily increasing their own numbers and aren't about to give up on the fight anytime soon.

Guardian is an alternate universe set in a realistic, modern world. The site moves in real time, using current months to dictate different events and effects. The rangers from the show do not exist, allowing OC's to take their place and change the course of events. All included teams co-exist, protecting various regions simultaneously. Guardian does, however, utilize canon villains and mentors.Some origins or team setups have been changed to accommodate a collective universe.

Power Rangers began appearing in May 2016

Team-Specific Changes

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers were the first team to appear in this universe. They had a head start on all teams. It will be up to these characters' players if they want their characters to have been in the forefront of the attacks or are just joining. But note that MMPR were first to appear. All other teams will have been sporadically appearing.

Zeo & Turbo teams share the Command Center, which also serves as a central hub for all Power Rangers. Zordon and Alpha serve as the Angel Grove mentors.

The Space rangers originate from KO-35, where Zordon helped develop their powers. Along with the Galaxy team, composed from both those of Mirinoi who settled from Terra Venture, Space defends both our world and anywhere else the threat may be in the final frontier.

Time Force has travelled from the year 3000 to take up residence in Silver Hills in order to catch the escaped Ransik.

SPD has been stationed in our time due to Emperor Grumm attempting to spread his forces into the past in order to change the future. Instead of the year 2025, for the site canon, SPD will have come from the year 2125 to create a workable time difference.

For Dino Thunder, the gems have not been found or collected by Tommy Oliver yet. They have been lost in Reefside. The gems have a way of finding the ones they bond with and once they have, whoever found their gem can be expecting a visit from either Hayley or Dr. Oliver in the near future. For site purposes, Tommy does not have a history as a Power Ranger. Upon player and admin discretion, he can have ties with Zordon, allowing him and Hayley to still develop morphing and ranger technology.

Due to already being in an alternate dimension, Guardian does not include RPM in its canon roster.

Samurai rangers still follow the paths of their ancestors. Though the rangers are new to the public, their powers have still been around for generations. Canon does not change.

Megaforce and Super Megaforce have been made into two separate teams. Super will take on the original Sentai name, Gokaiger. This team will not be able to access any ranger powers, but will allowed to utilize any sentai teams that have not been translated to an American show as well as RPM.

**If a team was not mentioned on this list, then it is safe to assume there are no extra notes to be made for site canon and has no changes to its story.**

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