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Posted by: MELLA Jul 20 2016, 09:36 PM

how to be a guardian

aka the site rules

Welcome to Guardian, an alternate universe Power Rangers RPG. Here you can suit up, save the world, and be back before dinner. However, like everything there are rules. You are responsible for keeping up to date with the rules. It keeps the admin team sane and everybody in a comfortable RP environment.

    General Rules

  2. Keep the site drama free. Please respect one another and their opinions. This includes the cbox and the board. Remember that in-character drama should not be taken personal. Just because someone plays a very snarky, cutting character, does not mean they feel the same about the player they are writing against. However, if there is a conflict between players, please talk to a staff member to get it resolved or take it off-site.
  3. There is no word count! Some things can be said in less than one hundred words and still make a huge impact. The general rule is quality over quantity. Matching the post length is a good rule of thumb but it doesn't always happen. Communication is key. Talk to whoever you're playing with. Proper spelling and grammar with usable content are much better than 800 words of forced ramble.
  4. Guardian is unrated. Guardian aims to RP in a realistic universe. However, do use your best judgement and mark mature content with an [M]. This includes but isn't limited to sex, violence, and language. Keep it classy, and if you're unsure about a thread's rating, you can always ask an admin or add the tag just in case.
  5. No GM or PP. GM refers to god-modding, and PP to power playing, and neither of which are allowed. This will also include metagaming. Meaning, if a character is not yours, do not try to control them, do not make your own character unstoppable and omnipotent. If you and the other member agree to have things play out a certain way that would mean GM or PP, then that is between you two. Remember, communication is key.
  6. Registering

  7. Your Profile: Each character must have their own account. Register as your character's first and last name in all lowercase,
    billy cranston

    Everything else is on the registering page. Just fill out all fields correctly.
  8. Reserves: When reserving characters, be sure to post in the canon list. WIP applications will not be considered placeholders. To keep fairness, players may only reserve one character at a time. Without an official reservation, canons/rangers/colors are "first come, first serve."

    Character Rules

  9. The first two characters are free! After you are registered, you are allowed to create two characters, no strings attached. After that, you need 5 in character posts with each character before registering a new character.
  10. How old are you? Guardian is in a realistic universe, so be realistic with character ages. Rangers have a minimum age requirement of sixteen (16) years old, with SPD and Time Force Rangers having a minimum age of twenty-one (21), since they go through training before they're even considered to be given a morpher. Civilians must be a minimum of thirteen (13) as to comply with JCINK rules.
  11. Five Rangers of Different Teams You are allowed up to five rangers in your character arsenal. This includes the psycho rangers, even though they are villains. Also, you are not allowed more than one ranger per ranger team (aka you can't have both MMPR Blue and MMPR Pink) Any more than five rangers and/or more than one in a team must be cleared with an admin.
  12. Two Mentors and Five Villains You are also allowed two canon mentors/allies and five canon villains, with no more than one per ranger group. Mentors/Allies are listed with their respective team in the Ranger Canon list, and villains listed by team on the Villains Canon list. Again, any more than these numbers or team must be cleared with an admin.
  13. Unlimited OC allies and civilians This is pretty straightforward. OC allies and OC civilians have no character cap. Just have your five IC posts for your other characters if it's outside your first two.
  14. Human or Alien? Villains can be personified! Which means you aren't limited to straight canon representations and can use faceclaims. There are many magical and scientific methods of disguise *hinthint* to justify this.
  15. No OC colors, groups, or mentors There are plenty of canon ranger colors and teams to choose from without having to go into OC colors and groups. So please do not create a ranger with an OC color, or group for that matter.

    On another note, OC mentors are not allowed. This is something that may also change, but for now, take a gander at the mentors listed with their teams. OC villains, however, are allowed.

    **As rangers join the site and teams fill, this rule may change, but it's not very likely for the time being. We do our best to keep open minds though, so if you have an idea for something OC, PM an admin.**

  16. Applying

  17. You with the Face. All characters are required to have an avatar of the character face claim. The application will not be accepted without an avatar. Avatars should be 250x350.
  18. Title/Description/Images: The title of your application thread should be LAST NAME, first name middle initial, like so
    CRANSTON, billy d

    The description line should be COLOR | AGE | ALIAS like so
    BLUE | 16 | CHAOS

    The application code will walk you through everything else. Please note that your pictures should both be 150x200.
  19. Once You're Approved! Congratulations! Remember to fill out the code to be added to the face claim list and member registry.
  20. Last Things

  21. Stay Active We're not looking for a reply a day (although it's awesome if you do). We know life can get busy. If you know you're going to be away for a while, post an absence or tell an admin. We reserve the right to delete inactive characters.
  22. Be Respectful
  23. Have fun! We leave the most important thing for last. Remember to have fun, write cool plots, invite in new members, and gear up. It's morphin' time!

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